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     Honesty - A huge cornerstone of my beliefs. I always give everyone my 100% honest self.

     Effort - I believe it is more important to do your best than be the best. Simple fact of life, you can't always win...But, you can do your best and improve. You must disregard the outcome and focus on the effort put forth, making sure that it is always your BEST effort.

     Appreciate Failure - Life is a marathon not a sprint. One of my biggest beliefs and usually the first thing my clients find out (or already know) is that there is no way around hard work, repetition, and failure. Success can only be obtained once failure has been achieved numerous times.

    Respect - The golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

     Teamwork - Whether it is family, friends, or competitors I believe you need to work together to achieve goals for the greater good. The team always trumps the individual.

I believe you need HEART!

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